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The production facilities of the Usiminas group of companies are strategically located in the most industrialized regions in Brazil, which concentrate more than half of the country’s GDP.

See on the map how the mining, steel making, steel transformation and capital goods industries are distributed by states, where the main Usiminas customers are located.

There are customers with critical demands for high technology steel. For them, being close to the main inputs suppliers and raw materials is fundamental.

On the map, it is possible to verify that Soluções Usiminas, company of the Usiminas group, is close to their biggest business partners, such as capital goods and electro-electronics companies, among others.


The Usiminas steel plants are in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais and in Cubatão, São Paulo, states that make up the main Brazilian industrial axle, and where many companies that use steel in their products are.

The Ipatinga plant also has another competitive advantage: it is close to the iron-bearing quadrangle in Minas and, therefore, to sources of iron ore. See on the map how this proximity to both raw materials and customers can result in more logistic agility and reduce risks.


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